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Illustration of Aivi: a person with long, blue ocean waves for hair.
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Aivi Tran (stage name: aivi) is a Vietnamese-American music composer and producer from California.

They love weaving elegant and playful piano melodies into sparkling, heartfelt electronic music.

They’re half of the award-winning duo aivi & surasshu, who composed and produced music for Cartoon Network's Steven Universe, Steven Universe: The Movie, Steven Universe Future, and indie games Ikenfell and Way to the Woods.

They initiated the musician-led movement to recognize digital fusion as a music genre.

They are the founder of Infloresce Records.

Aivi also teaches piano to teens at a music school, with emphasis on self expression and creativity.

Aivi started playing piano at age 5, and discovered a love for playing video game songs by ear. At age 10, they took a music technology class and learned about MIDI. They soon began transcribing MIDIs for the Video Game Music Archive, and composing original MIDI music. Aivi continued to study music in university, and received a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in music theory and composition.


From childhood to present day, they've had the privilege of learning from many teachers with a variety of backgrounds and approaches.


Their hybrid background in electronic production and classical composition led to their unique musical style, where both duet and intertwine.

Outside of music, Aivi enjoys daydreaming, playing video games, reading, and conscientious art.

They're married to chiptune composer surasshu and live in California with their child and two cats.


Art: meyoco

Accessibility Consultant: Joanna Blackhart

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